WordPress 5.0: Top 5 Consideration Before Updating

///WordPress 5.0: Top 5 Consideration Before Updating

WordPress 5.0: Top 5 Consideration Before Updating

Earlier in our post we talked about Everything You need to know about: WordPress 5.0 Update and we were curious to know about the issues that you were facing with your themes and plugins? What do you think about WordPress 5.0 Update? So we left that conversation over there to know more about your opinion.

Now we will be talking further about Top 5 Considerations you should keep Before Updating to WordPress 5.0? You should Update to WordPress 5.0 or not? Let’s begin


WordPress 5.0: Top 5 Consideration Before Updating

  1. Update all plugins including Cache and performance plugins to latest version
  2. Make sure you are using WordPress 4.9
  3. Create backup first
  4. Stage your site
  5. When updating Be prepared for the changes and Don’t panic
  1. Update All Plugins Including Cache and Performance Plugins To Latest Version

We personally recommend that you should keep all your plugins specially cache and performance plugins upto date to the latest version. With the WordPress 5.0 Update, many authors are realising updates which is compatible to it and with Gutenberg.

Why we are stressing to Cache and Performance Plugins?

This is because whenever you update or make any changes, overall theme and performance of your website gets affected. To have a smooth experience of working, updating these will help you not only handle the changes but will also increase sites health.

  1. Make Sure You Are Using WordPress 4.9

Before Updating to the latest version of WordPress, make sure you are having WordPress 4.9. Why So? Using an outdated version could result in conflicts and you may have to face issues and bugs which will be time consuming to resolve. Best practise is to have the latest version and upgrading will help you to speed up your site and have more secure platform. In case you face any issue, there is a whole community which is there to help.

  1. Create Backup First

If you ask any developer, IT Professional or agency, they will always recommend you to take the back up first and then move ahead with changes. This is the best practise to follow. If anything happens you already have a copy and roll back the changes.

There are many plugins to do this task or you can do it manually by logging into your cPanel account.

  1. Stage Your Site

Staging means that you are creating a copy of your website and making changes to it. By this, the original site will be kept safe without loosing any data and you will get to know any issues(if any) occurred. Staging can be done through Plugins, on Server or on LocalHost.

  1. When Updating Be Prepared For The Changes and Don’t Panic

With the release of WordPress 5.0, its in the news and everyone is giving there opinion. Many people are loving it and many our facing issues, this is a major decision to take. We suggest you to be prepared and don’t panic, if you are facing any issues, WordPress Developer team will be there to resolve it.

If you don’t like the New Block Based Editor-Gutenberg, remember you can install the old classic editor. Wait for sometime to get things working smoothly and start working. Make a proper plan and start taking actions.

Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to WordPress 5.0 Update, Issues with WordPress 5.0 etc. Don’t forget to share.

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