Who or What is a Domainer? What Is The Work Of Domainer?

//Who or What is a Domainer? What Is The Work Of Domainer?

Who or What is a Domainer? What Is The Work Of Domainer?

Have you ever thought how domain names are sold and why some of the domain names prices are too high but still people bid for them. But why these domains are high? Why people bid on them? Who sell premium domain names? There are companies who preserve premium domains and in between Domainers come. We will discuss about work of domainer later but first let us get some brief idea about premium domains.

Premium domains are those domains which are short, easy to remember and are likely to become successful. These premium domains can sell at a very high price and holds a great potential.  We have written a complete article on tips for choosing a domain name which you should definitely read.

There is a huge market of domain trading and people are becoming very successful.

Who or What is a Domainer ?

A company or organization or peoples who are engaging in the buying, selling, marketing, monetization and publishing of internet domain names are known as Domainers. Work Of Domainer usually refers to registering domain names and selling them for profit.

A domainer is someone that does business in the domain name trade. They usually own 100’s or 1000’s of domains, but they will own as little as one domain worth millions.

In the starting of the internet era, domainers enrolled domain names with one or 2 words matching generic words and terms, sometimes resold them with a breathtaking or amazing margin. Some generic domains originally enrolled for less than $50, have been sold-out for many millions of bucks.

All domains with one or 2 words have been registered. Now, domainers who are still buying on the primary market domains related to new trends, new words or new domain extensions. They additionally may purchase domains for which registration isn’t renewed.

Domainers can also have a domain trading (buying for reselling) activity by that they purchase a domain, and after that sell that domain with a margin after searching or finding for potential buyers.

Some domainers purchase and sell few domains of highest price and others accomplish 100s or 1000s of transactions with smaller margins. The domain could also be sold through one-on-one agreement or auctions. Work of domainer or also called as domain broker is not easy as it seems. But if the right techniques are followed, it is a good to go profession with a bright future.


What Exactly The Domainers Do?

Domain marketing is accomplished in a variety of ways. Generally, investors can participate in a domain marketing program that’s offered by Internet Service Provider. Once registered in a domain marketing program sometimes the domainer is registered in a domain auction service.

This kind of service is usually mentioned as the domain aftermarket. Usually in the domain aftermarket, domains are sold to the highest bidder, and sometimes for more money than the domain was originally purchased for.

The higher the demand is for a specific domain name, the more money that a specific domain is going to be sold for.

Here is an example of highest domain sold till date. Even the Mi Mobile company bought the domain Mi.com for $3.6 million in 2014. Imagine the look on someone face when he heard about this, company spent so much money on a single domain name.

highest domain sold

Domains that are purchased from domainer are very valuable. New owners of previously used domains can have the benefit of the traffic received and can make a new mark all across the internet. There are quite a few low-cost domainers out there. In fact, quite a large number of ICANN accredited domain name registrars provide these programs. Domain names may also be displayed for sale in other different ways.

Work of Domainer is to offer domain name registration services to the public but aren’t accredited registrars. Domainers purchases .au domain names and manage the records of domain name for their clients through an interface with an accredited .au registrar. Domainers don’t have direct access to the .au registry.


Being a Domainer – Is This A Right Profession To Choose?

It may appear that domain market is shared between the large areas and has no space for brand new corporations. However, making money on domains selling remains possible. Every year the amount of internet sites on the web is growing.

According to Netcraft.com the growth for 2017 is expected to be around five hundreds. All those websites need domains, that can be bought from domainer if they’ll give right market positioning and promoting.

Till there is need to build website, there is a need for domain name.

So being a domainer is a right profession to choose. It’s a good business to make extra money. There are hundreds of domain selling every day on domain marketplace like sedo (It is the world’s leading domain marketplace).

Before beginning you have to build an ability to judge the potential of domain names and TLDs.

Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to domain names, what is the work of domainer?  Your views on being a domainer. Don’t forget to share !

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Sarah Packer

My husband and I want to start a business soon and wanted to know what outside help we might need. I didn’t know domains that come from a domainer are very valuable! Since our business is going to be small, it would be worth it to hire a domain broker that could get us a valuable domain that’ll increase our sales!

Skyler Williams

I had no idea that a premium domain was one that is short and easy to remember. My brother has been thinking of starting a business soon, so I imagine that having a domain broker would be very helpful in that endeavor. I will make sure to pass this information along to him.


Thank you for the article! Very informative!

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