What is WordPress Theme? How To Choose & Install WordPress Theme?

///What is WordPress Theme? How To Choose & Install WordPress Theme?

What is WordPress Theme? How To Choose & Install WordPress Theme?

Mostly when it comes to beginners who has just setup his WordPress account after struggling and reading about WordPress basic and how to make a website using WordPress , what are plugins, etc. the next big thing is how to choose a WordPress Theme which will represent him/her online. It should have all the necessary components, great UI and SEO friendly. Before moving further let’s discuss what is a WordPress theme?


What is WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is just a bunch of files or documents that work on to supply a graphical interface with an underlying unifying vogue for a blog. These files are known as a template. A theme modifies the method the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying software system.

A WordPress theme changes the design of your website, usually as well as its layout. WordPress has an official Themes Directory on its website you’ll browse.

Additionally, you’ll browse, download, and install free WordPress themes from the comfort of your own WordPress Dashboard. All the themes that you find in the official Free Themes Directory are also accessible within your Dashboard by choosing Appearance → Themes and then clicking the Install Themes tab.


What will Themes do?

wordpress theme functionality

Themes take the information stored by WordPress and show it within the browser. When you produce a WordPress theme, you choose how that content looks and displayed. There are several choices offered to you when building your theme. For example:

  • Your theme will have completely different layouts, like static or responsive.
  • Your theme will show content anyplace you would like it to be displayed.
  • Your theme will specify that devices or actions create your content visible.
  • Other style components like pictures and videos may be enclosed anyplace in your theme.


Most WordPress themes provide:

  • The overall style or a variety of your website
  • Font styling
  • Colors
  • Widget Locations
  • Page Layouts or Templates
  • Styles for web blog Posts And web blog Archives
  • Additional stylistic Details

Free WordPress Themes vs Paid WordPress Themes

free vs paid WordPress theme

You can select from over thousand free themes from the WordPress Theme Directory.

Advantages of Free Themes

  • They Are completely Free

The biggest advantage of a free WordPress theme is that the price, free. As a result, you don’t need to pay a penny to download a free theme, use it to create your website, and build cash out of your website. Hence, you’ll use free themes if you’re fixing your website on a really restricted budget.

  • Strict Review method

Free WordPress themes are literally command to a better quality customary. Free WordPress themes are tested for standard compliant code, support for standard WordPress options, quality hypertext mark-up language, and CSS, security, privacy, etc.

Free themes endure a strict official review method. Here we are talking regarding the free themes available at WordPress.org theme directory. Because of the strict review, these free themes tend to be secure and bug-free.

  • They maintain the desired level of quality and compatibility

Free themes are usually leaner than premium themes. This can be due to the restricted range of options obtainable in free themes. As a result, you will have a simple time developing your website and your site will load quicker also.

  • They tend to support additional plug-ins than the premium themes

    This is often as a result of developers need to strictly follow the theme review tips.


Disadvantages of Free Themes

There are some common disadvantages of using a free WordPress theme:

  • Limited Support choices

Free WordPress theme developers provide support through WordPress forums, however, they’re not obligated to reply to support queries.

  • Limited options and functionality

Even though free themes support most traditional WordPress options, several of them don’t provide further options for making buttons, using shortcodes, produce landing pages, etc.

  • Not so unique

Free themes are used by plenty of internet sites and blogs, thus your website won’t have a unique style. Also, there are sometimes restricted choices to customize the visual look of free themes.

  • No Obligation

Free themes are distributed with no warranties, thus if something goes wrong, you’re pretty much on your own.

Advantages of Premium WordPress Themes

The biggest advantage of a premium theme is that you simply get a lot of options and customization choices.

As a user, you get themes that contain decisions like drag and drop builders, shortcodes, multiple layouts and templates, and unlimited color selections.

  • Support and Updates

Premium WordPress themes come with regular updates and support. Premium themes escort some kind of support. Since you’ve got purchased the premium theme, the developers are obligated to support you in any case. The support will be of any kind: forum, email, video call, etc.

  • More unique

Because there’s a price related to premium themes, they’re less frequently used in comparison to free themes.

  • High Security

Premium theme put security in a very high priority. There’s a tough marketplace for premium themes and developers earn cash by selling premium themes. Under those circumstances, developers invest an excellent deal of cash and time for meeting high-security standards.

Disadvantages of Premium WordPress Themes

  • Poor Code

Sometimes you will end up buying a premium theme that looks pretty but has poor coding standards that might build it incompatible with some plugins. primarily as a result of these themes don’t need to bear a strict review method. We always recommend you to buy themes from Elegant Themes, Themeforest, Mythemeshop  only. There support is very nice, if you got stuck somewhere they can help you, by reading reviews you can choose themes according to your need.

  • Too several options

In order to sell a lot of themes, theme developers will add too several unneeded options into their themes. You’ll most likely never use all those options, however, they’re still there creating your website slow.

  • Crossing over into Plugins domain

Sometimes WordPress themes will cross over into plugins domain, providing functionality that they’re not speculated to provide. As an example, making custom post varieties, shortcodes, and different things that might disappear as shortly as you switch theme.

  • Premium themes are often quite costly. generally, your favorite theme will be over your budget. Some premium themes even need yearly licensing. It will be a deal-breaker for several users.

How To Choose? And which WordPress theme is Best Free or Premium?

how to choose wordprees theme

Consider using a free theme if you would like the subsequent points

  • You simply to begin a private blog.
  • A ton of options is undesirable.
  • You don’t need your website to be distinctive.
  • You don’t want dedicated support.

But, if you’re beginning a little business, then we are going to suggest you go with a paid theme. It provides you the additional customization options and choices whereas providing you with the peace of mind that support is available must you want it.

Premium themes typically have a reliable code base and provide support if something goes wrong.

Some premium themes, like Builder, operate additional like web style software system, permitting you to style and build your own theme styles and page layouts.

Here are some reasons that may cause you to need to buy a premium theme:

  • Support and updates

WordPress is consistently updating its technology and every few months, there’s a significant update in WordPress.

  • Your themes need to be compatible with the most recent version of WordPress

When you are using paid themes, it’s the responsibility of the framework company to unleash an updated and compatible version of the theme.

  • Features

Premium theme development could be a competitive marketplace. So, as to survive, theme developers need to provide the most recent options and seamless web integration.

  • Free themes have a limited variety of optionsMost developers aren’t willing to update their free themes with anything too fancy.

If you would like to examine a specific feature in a free theme, you’ll either need to find a plugin or find a distinct theme.

  • Encrypted links

Most free theme developers encrypt the footer and sell those links.

This has a terribly unhealthy impact on the overall SEO of your weblog. If you would like to make a customized footer, this can be impossible.

“A nice footer has a nice SEO advantage if you utilize it wisely.”


Search Engine Optimisation

WordPress themes play a significant role in the overall SEO of your website.

In free WordPress themes, you may find several structural bugs. It’s important to have a website that isn’t only SEO optimized however also offers clean code for quicker loading. Once you have an SEO friendly website you can easily rank your web pages in search engines specially on google.


How to Install WordPress Themes?

install wordpress theme

Installing a wordpress theme is very simple and doesn’t take much time. By default when you install WordPress free theme i.e Twenty Seventeen theme is already installed. You have to upload new theme.

Live demo of Twenty Seventeen theme click here

So lets see how to install WordPress theme:

WordPress Themes are installed by 2 methods:-

  1. Install a theme using WordPress Admin Theme Search

    • Login to your WordPress admin spacepage-login-wp
  • Click on appearance » Themesappearance themes
    To see Live Demo Click Here
  • Click on the Add New button at the topAppearance Add New
  • On the next screen, choose from (Featured WordPress themes, popular WordPress themes, Latest WordPress themes), look for a selected theme or search for themes with specific featuresinstall theme 1
  • When you see the theme that you just wish to put in, simply bring your mouse on top of the image. This may reveal the install button, preview button, and details buttoninstall theme 2
  • Go ahead and click on the install button

WordPress now install your selected theme and show you some message of processing along with the link to activate or live preview.

  • Click on the activate button.

And your WordPress theme is successfully installed and activated.

  1. Install a theme by using upload method from WordPress Admin

Download the xyz.zip file of the theme that you just purchased from a website or a commercial theme provider or supplier.

  • Login to your WordPress admin space
  • Click on appearance » Themes
  • Click on the Add New button at the top
  • Click on the upload Theme button at the topinstall theme 3
  • Select the .zip file and click on Install now

install theme 4


Once your WordPress theme is installed, you’ll see a hit message beside the link to activate and preview the theme.

  • Click on the activate button.

And your WordPress theme is successfully installed and activated.


Best WordPress Themes for Beginners 2018

Bloggers or any other person who is launching new website always hustle when it comes to choosing a good WordPress theme which will be best suitable for them.Whether you’re new to WordPress or you’re simply searching for a topic that’s simple to use, this collection of the most effective WordPress themes for beginners can give you with lots of choices. 


Newsmag lite WordPress Theme

If magazine-style or newspaper theme, the Newsmag lite solution stands out in spite of what kind of business you are writing about. The theme includes social media buttons, that is not normal for several free themes. Additionally, you’ll post banner ads for creating a little cash from your operation. Every one of your categories is broken down into widgets, and also the menus are fully customizable. The clean and trendy magazine provides four blog page designs, and it works on all mobile devices.

The theme is constructed using Twitter Bootstrap 3, and it incorporates Font awesome icons for bold titles and branded writing. Each contact forms and Google Maps will visit your Contact page, whereas the custom front page delivers choices like post banners, sliders, and block designs. The custom backgrounds and menus accomplish each branding goals and navigational desires you also gain access to things like standard post widgets, responsive video custom colors, and dynamic widgets. Overall, the customization choices are robust with this one.

Tags used:

Blog, Custom Background, Custom colors, Custom Menu, Featured pictures, News, Sticky Post, Threaded Comments, 3 Columns, Translation ready, 2 Columns

Live Demo click here

GreatMag WordPress Theme

This is the best solution for those attempting to create a sleek and user-friendly magazine, in spite of the business you are writing about. The great man may be a visually-focused theme, with a responsive style associated with an onslaught of huge featured pictures scattered throughout the homepage. The theme has social media buttons for building your own social icons, and you gain access to advertisement space just in case you would like to create a little cash for your work. The theme features many bundled widgets for organizing the article on the homepage, and therefore the Google Fonts are nice for creating your text look sensible.

The GreatMag theme has translation ready components for change languages counting on who you are writing for. The most recent news ticker resides on top of the header, providing you with an opportunity to prompt followers when breaking news comes along. The advantage of going with the GreatMag theme is as a result of it’s insanely clean and full of widgets. Be at liberty to share a widget along with your most up-to-date posts or take into account linking to the foremost popular articles on your page. We tend to suggest the theme for anyone with a need to get their feet wet with blogging or magazine writing. The download will not value you any money and it offers you the basic tools for learning the ropes.

The GreatMag WordPress magazine theme provides all the tools you wish to quickly build associate awesome news website or perhaps a straightforward blog. GreatMag comes with plenty of custom widgets, color choices, font management and far more.

GreatMag WordPress Theme Features

  • Bundled Widgets

GreatMag provides all the widgets you wish to quickly produce an awesome magazine-style web site.

  • Page Builder Support

You can benefit from the theme’s integration with the Page Builder plugin and style your pages without any limits.

  • Theme choices

Change the colors as you would like, set the fonts you wish and more. All these choices are placed within the powerful Theme Customizer.

  • Blog Layouts

GreatMag helps you to choose from- list, classic, masonry, and masonry in full-width four potential blog layouts

  • Google Fonts

Easily switch fonts from the Customizer and enjoy free access to around 800 of the most effective internet fonts accessible.

  • Translation ready

This theme is 100 percent translation prepared and includes the mandatory files in order to create the translation method a breeze.

  • Responsive

The GreatMag theme is responsive therefore will look amazing no matter the devices your visitors will use.

Live Demo Click here


Parallax One WordPress Theme

The parallax One WordPress theme stands strong together of our favorite free WordPress themes. The answer includes a gorgeous parallax impact that needs a fast image transfer. Afterward, users get to get pleasure from the parallax movement once they scroll down on your page. Additionally, the theme features a responsive style, beside a one-page layout for keeping all of the main focus on the homepage. This way, it works almost like a landing page, wherever your conversions are guaranteed to improve and you do not need to force your customers to jump all over the website. The theme has localization designed right in, and you get unlimited color choices for branding and matching website colors to your brand.

As with all of the most effective one page WordPress themes, parallax One includes many modules that are pre-designed for written material and inserting your own content. For example, one in all them pulls news and events from multiple sources, keeping your customers updated on what is bobbing up. There is conjointly a spot to share all of your testimonials from past customers, with photos, quotes, and links if required. The simple contact form comes in handy to start obtaining communications from customers and give the best results as per there their needs. The theme additionally includes associate embedded map simply just in case you are running a brick and mortar search. Alongside team member profiles and social media buttons, the Parallax One theme incorporates a wonderful set of tools.

Parallax WordPress Theme Features

  • Clean Code

It provides a code that is simply editable by any individual with simply enough HTML/PHP information.

  • Browser Compatibility

It provides browser compatibility to the users.

  • Theme Options Panel

You can simply update website settings just like the logo, social links, colors, and layout from a simple to use interface which can guarantee you a fun ride through Theme Options Panel.

  • Localization

Your website be not written in English? this is often not a problem since this theme is localized and you’ll simply translate all the theme inbuilt text, without any modifications to the source code.

  • Responsive design

Parallax One is a responsive WordPress website theme in order to produce an optimal user viewing experience, easy-reading, and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a good range of devices. Each component has been tested to make sure layout ability by using fluid, proportion-based grids, versatile pictures to make your activities future proof.

  • Parallax effect

This theme creates unforgettable pages with a sleek parallax result that everybody loves. Transfer pictures to the section, place some components like text, buttons and enjoy a good wanting section.

The images are displayed dynamically in a list sliding horizontally from one representation to succeeding one using delicate animations supported light-weight technologies.

  • Unlimited color options

Parallax One has a complicated theme choices panel that permits you to simply customize each component with the color that you just need, so creating your website unique and esthetically lovely.

  • Be easily contacted

On the main page, the client finds everything they have in order to contact you in real time. They’re only one click far away from you, simply as that, like never before. This theme utilizes Google maps to show precise locations and provide users the flexibility to move, visualize and keep in mind a specific place. This navigation guide is intuitive, no advanced configurations required and proves very economical for visitors to search out your location.

Live Demo: Click here


Virtue WordPress Theme

The Virtue theme provides marvelous choices and a contemporary hunt for all business websites. The powerful style is totally responsive for viewing on mobile devices, and it’s the ability to integrate with WooCommerce, that means you can begin marketing physical or digital product from your website.

We just like the Virtue theme for beginners, however, even the most advanced users will come in the source code and build modifications. Translation options are enclosed, and the custom headers and menus add some ways for you to form the site look like you want it to.

The Virtue theme is extraordinarily versatile with a lot of choices, simple to customize and loaded with nice options. Virtue has Schema microdata integrated creating it a step sooner than your sites SEO ranks. The clean trendy style is built with html5 and css3 and uses the powerful responsive framework from Bootstrap to be a completely responsive and mobile friendly. It’s full e-commerce prepared with all the tools you wish to style an awesome online store. The versatile style is ideal for any quite business, online store, portfolio or personal website. Virtue is Schema prepared. The Virtue theme is constructed with a robust choices panel wherever you’ll set things like your home layout, sliders, custom fonts, and fully customize your look while not writing any CSS. You’re going to love however simple this theme is to work with. Virtue was built and designed by Kadence Themes.


Blog, Custom colors, Custom Header, Custom Menu, E-Commerce, Featured pictures, One Column, Portfolio, RTL Language Support, Theme choices, Translation prepared, 2 Columns

Live Demo : Click Here


Allegiant WordPress Theme

This theme has a beautiful, amazing, modern design, with a large header slider module and icons to highlight or focus your most popular or latest services or products. It looks great for small businesses, marketing agencies and other organizations interested in a stylish website. The complete homepage slider is the first item that your users see, and you can adjust the slides to show off new promotions, services products or features. Quite a few feature blocks are available for quickly inserting information about your business onto the homepage. As an example, one of them works nicely or properly for sharing information and data about the people in your business, while another has images and text for talking about your past portfolio works.

Testimonials come into play when you’re trying to convince potential clients to go with your company. Greatly, one of the content modules is made just for testimonials, permitting you to paste in a quote and publish it on your website. The majority of these modules come with the theme’s companion plugin, called CPO Content Types. It only takes a moment to install the plugin, and it’s completely free. Furthermore, this WordPress theme integrates with some of the more popular and latest free WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce (if you’re trying to build an eCommerce online store,) Yoast SEO, WPML and Contact Form 7. Overall, the Allegiant theme offers a neutral design for your business, along with the flexibility of a premium theme.

Allegiant theme is a free multipurpose WordPress theme perfect or suitable for agencies and professionals. This theme comes with support for a full homepage slider, feature blocks, portfolios, services, team members, and even testimonials, all thanks to its companion plugin CPO Content Types. Allegiant is one of the best business WordPress themes with neutral design and extreme flexibility. Moreover, this theme also integrates with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, WPML, and Contact Form 7.


Custom Background, Custom Menu, Featured Images, Full-Width Template, One Column, Right Sidebar, Sticky Post, Theme Options, Threaded Comments, Translation Ready, Two Columns

Live Demo : Click Here


Hueman WordPress Theme

The Hueman WordPress theme is a highly rated free theme that you can find directly from the WordPress theme library. The fully or completely responsive theme works well or good for all online blogs and magazines, and it has a header and footer for placing widgets with ease. The unlimited accent colors and widget areas improve the building experience, and the ten post formats add variety to your site as people scroll through your content.

Localization assist and support is appended for translating the data, while social links ensure that users are aware of the platforms you use to interact with followers. In addition, the Hueman theme provides a nice tool for uploading logos, and the threaded comments help you keep the conversation going with your customers.

The Hueman WordPress theme helps to raise the traffic and engage visitors or users. It loads quick or fast and is 100% mobile-friendly according to Google. Best rated theme for blogs and magazines on WordPress.org. Powering 70K+ websites around the world.


Custom Colors, Custom Menu, Featured Pictures, Flexible Header, Full-Width Template, One Column, Post Formats, Right Sidebar, Sticky Post, Theme Options, Threaded Comments, Three Columns, Translation Ready, 2-Columns

Live Demo: Click Here

Vantage WordPress Theme

Vantage looks great for any type of business, particularly in the tech market. Not to mention, it’s completely free! To start, Vantage provides a responsive layout design for users who want to view your site while on the go. Also, it integrates rather well with some of the more popular WordPress plugins such as PageBuilder and WooCommerce. The WooCommerce integration is actually or possibly one of the best features since you can start selling or promoting items on your website without any problem or issues.

Many people use the free theme to build a portfolio since it supports high-resolution images and you can create a filterable grid with thumbnails and links to some of your best work. Not to mention, the custom background and custom menu allow for brilliant branding opportunities, while the threaded comments assist in building a community where people can chat with you and other followers.

Vantage is a flexible multipurpose theme. The themes hardness lies in its strong integration with many powerful and strong plugins like Page Builder for responsive page layout styles, sensible Slider three for large wonderful stunning sliders and WooCommerce to help you sell or promote online. Vantage is fully responsive and retina ready. Use it to start a business site, portfolio or online store.


Blog, Custom Background, Custom Colors, Custom Logo, Custom Menu, E-Commerce, Featured Images, Footer Widgets, Full-Width Template, Grid Layout, Left Sidebar, Post Formats, Right Sidebar, Sticky Post, Theme Options, Threaded Comments, Translation Ready, Two Columns

Live Demo: Click Here


Rocked WordPress Theme

The Rocked WordPress theme has amazing options for those who are looking for a modern and responsive website. The theme is great for corporate users since it has logo and favicon uploads, color control, predefined blocks and more. The best part of the Rocked WordPress theme is that it comes with several widgets for implementing plugins just like for testimonials, services, and other best options, and you can even go in there and add your own custom code if it’s not exactly what you expected.

The templates of page themes are there to form many things rather like front and full-width pages, whereas the Google Fonts support allows you to choose from over 600 fonts, which may flip your site into something special or extraordinary. A full-fledged online blog or website is included with the Rocked WordPress theme, building it ideal and best for boosting search engine rankings and giving out free material for your customers.

The rocked theme is a modern, amazing and responsive business WordPress theme that provides a quick, fast and easy or simple method to obtain a corporate website for users. Many Options for color control, font control, pre-defined blocks, logo, and icons uploaded, multiple blog layouts and much more options or services.

Rocked WordPress Theme Features

  • Build Your Pages

Rocked homepage layout design can easily or simply be created with the help of some custom mode, built-in widgets. If you need to monitor some choices, brag with many testimonials or present your team to the world, Rocked has you covered.

  • Page Templates

Rocked WordPress theme brings two-page templates:- the 1st one is to build your front page (or any other page that requires a custom-built layout) and another one is for full-width pages.

  • Color Options

Plenty of color options are included in Rocked. You have to go to the Customizer and you’ll be able to simply amend the first combination, website title and outline colors and much more. Furthermore, you can simply change colors particularly for each of the rows you create with the powerful or strong Page Builder plugin for which Rocked provides full or complete integration.

  • Google Fonts

Rocked provides you with straightforward or fast access to any fonts you wish from Google Fonts. Users will make a choice from quite 600 fonts.

  • Blog Options

Rocked WordPress theme can help you out even if you’re running a simple online blog. Huge and many of customization choices or decisions are out there, together with the power to settle on between a lot of layouts.

Live Demo: Click Here


Alizee WordPress Theme

Consider the Alizee theme if you are interested in a grid-based choice for creating something from image galleries to portfolios. The theme includes a masonry style layout, creating it look like the method Pinterest is designed. The responsive components looked totally different on mobile devices, whereas the parallax header adds a distinct impact for grabbing attention and prompting clients to stick around on your website or blog.

The toggle menus are a unique feature since you’ll implement a toggle social menu or a toggle sidebar on the homepage. Since the theme is created to have many columns, it permits you to select the number of columns you need, and also the custom widgets are sensible for anything from embedded videos to recent posts. Other cool options include Font awesome icons, custom scrolling, color choices and a logo or favicon upload tool.

Alizee WordPress Theme Features

  • Responsive

Alizee is developed and designed with best practices in mind. This way, you’ll bet your new WordPress theme will work nice across all systems.

  • Theme options

Customize your page fonts and layout of a blog, change the colors as you want. Many WordPress themes choices are located within the Robust Theme Customizer.

  • Social

Keep your visitors communicating with you throughout the web! the blog includes social icons so your visitors will find you where you’re.

  • Translation prepared

This WordPress theme is 100 pc translation ready or prepared and includes the required files or documents in order to create the translation process a breeze.

  • Parallax Header

Parallax is one of the largest web style trends. With Alizee, your header image can have a parallax effect.

  • Layouts

Choose how many columns (from one to four) you want on your homepage from the WordPress Customizer, wherever all the theme choices will be found.

Live Demo: Click Here


ColorMag WordPress Theme

As you will see based on the many ranges of high rankings, the ColorMag theme is quite popular. Why is this the case? To start, it’s just about the ultimate solution for creating an attractive magazine website.

It’s filled with spots to list your own ads, providing you with possibilities for creating cash for your efforts. Additionally, you will gain access to numerous social media buttons, that is rarely the case with free themes.

Therefore, your magazine followers have an opportunity to follow you on places like Facebook and Twitter. You will notice that the bulk of the homepage is made with widgets, enabling those with some WordPress experience to quickly move around and manage website components. So, if you would like to place a gallery or recent post list on your homepage, it would not take long to do so.

Along with custom colors and headers, the ColorMag theme integrates with almost about any plugin you’ll imagine. Thus if you’d wish to install one thing just like the WooCommerce plugin you would not have any problem implementing an online store.

As an example, you may upload a decent number of products and collect cash with a fast payment processor integration. At last, the performance of the ColorMag WordPress theme is fairly basic. You should not have any issues if you are not an experienced developer, but more advanced designers can still find it pretty impressive.

The easy backend is helpful for developers, and you should not have trouble managing multiple authors who write for your magazine.

ColorMag may be an excellent responsive magazine style WordPress theme. Appropriate for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, business and any kind of sites.


Background, Custom colors, Custom Menu, E-Commerce, Featured photos, flexible Header, Footer Widgets, News, Custom Header, One Column, Post Formats, Right Sidebar, RTL Language Support, Sticky Post, Theme Options, Threaded Comments, Translation ready, 2 Columns

Live Demo: Click Here


Spacious WordPress Theme

Spacious is another free WordPress theme for beginners. Spacious may be a stunning choice with a playful and clean layout and lots of space to include your content. The responsive style is nice for business sites, portfolios, and blogs, using four-page layouts and two-page templates for serving to you get your website designed in a very short quantity spacious provides of your time. Additionally, four blog display types are offered, along with thirteen widgets areas, which almost turns the backend into a drag and drop interface.

Spacious provides translation decisions for connecting with those who don’t speak your language. Not to mention, you’ll choose from dark and light skins for a little branding assistance. The primary color options guide you in reaching a shade that matches your logo, and boxed and wide layouts are there for you to choose between.

Spacious WordPress theme is an improbable spacious multi-purpose responsive WordPress theme coded & designed with lots of care and love. You’ll reuse it for your business, portfolio, blogging or any kind of website. This WordPress theme has 4-page layouts, 2-page templates, four blog display types, thirteen widgets areas, five custom widgets focusing on the online business templet, amazing slider, primary color choice to match your logo, boxed & wide layout, light & dark color skin, translation ready and lots of more.


Custom Background, Custom font colors, and Header, Custom Menu, E-Commerce, Featured pictures, flexible Header, Footer Widgets, Left Sidebar, One Column, RTL Language Support, Sticky Post, Theme options, rib Comments, Translation ready, 2 Columns.

Live Demo: Click Here


eStore WordPress Theme

eStore is precisely what it’s same suggests, This WordPress theme designed for your own online business store. This theme is multi-functional in each method and provides users flexibility for making their online store.

Intimately everything you examine is enclosed during this WordPress theme-multi-language flexibility, multi-currency flexibility, spots for advertisements, membership selections, and additionally the flexibility to showcase totally or completely different merchandise and categories on the homepage.

This WordPress theme provides to the old or past users the choice to review the product they’ve bought on your website, making social proof which will inevitably create a lot of sales for you within the long run. Though eStore may be a free theme, it was obviously created for longevity and if you wish, you may use this free theme for the predictable future!

Increase the online business store to the next highest level with eStore, a free WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration. In addition, it’s free that is definitely plus point.

eStore may be a clean, stunning and totally customizable responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme. This WordPress theme package has several premium options and several other custom widgets that help to create your online store professional and well organized.

The theme is completely compatible with WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugins. As an online store owner, attracting customers and selling product are going to be lots easier with this theme.


Blog, Custom logo, Custom Menu, E-Commerce, Featured pictures, Footer Widgets, Left Sidebar, One Column, Right Sidebar, RTL Language Support, Theme Options, Threaded Comments.

Live Demo: Click Here


Magazine WordPress Theme

The Magazine theme offers the simplest way for you to get an online magazine up and running within a couple of minutes. Plenty of plugins are compatible with the theme, and you’ll incorporate various widgets among the sidebar and footer areas for cramming all the content you would like into the site.

Quickly upload a logo, and use a widget to reveal the most popular and most up-to-date articles that end up in your online magazine. The navigational menu is situated towards the left-hand side of the page, and it does not take up a lot of space, that may be a nice touch.

This navigational menu also reveals social media buttons for pushing people to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Magazine WordPress Theme Features

  • A traditional WordPress blog layout with premium twists for a classy style.

This free blog WordPress theme is formed particularly for magazine websites, this free blog WordPress theme has the quality post layout you’d expect from a blog with extra options to boost it more than its contemporaries.

An inset sidebar has been added to the theme to carry its in-depth main menu, thus users will get right into your content as soon as they reach your website. Layouts are fully-configurable, move the sidebar and inset to the left or right, or disable them absolutely.

Impressive WordPress plugins offer new ways in which to promote your content. The Tabs and News show widgets combine to display your desirable stories, most recent comments and much more, and NSP also offers an attractive Featured News segment below your post lists on the front page, thus users will see what’s trending currently.

As users navigate your website, they will forever have your huge new posts close at hand.

  • Strengthen your online profile with social media API

Every little or small online blog must be promoted, thus this magazine WordPress theme included a social API for social media sharing of your pages and vivid animated social searches and RSS icons of the left-side of the page that’s available on each section of your website for fast access.

Users will share your content or keep up to date along with your social profiles to assist you to establish a robust core audience.

  • Plan your content layout, and apply it

You’ve got full control over your posts too, set specifically how many posts you would like on the main page, and use this WordPress theme’s extensive typography selections to form your text look just as impressive as the rest of your website.

The magazine is one among the most feature or services, rich free themes on the market, and you’ll download free right away, with no restrictions.


Onetone WordPress Theme

The Onetone theme provides the one-page layout for businesses that have an inventive flair. You’ll notice that the header space supports large high-resolution pictures, and you’ll even implement a video if you would like.

Overlaying text is supported, and several other social media buttons come with the download for improving your follower counts on your social media platforms.

Several sections come packaged with the Onetone theme, as well as spots for services, regarding data and clients. The gallery module is quite handy, and also the parallax scrolling background grabs attention in an instant. Font awesome icons add some inventive components to your website, and also the favicon and logo uploads are done within a couple of seconds.

Onetone may be a one-page business theme based on the Bootstrap framework and coded with HTML5 and CSS3. All needed data is displayed on one page with clear order according to users’ preferences.

The fundamental segments designed for the business purpose have already been designed for you, like services, about, gallery, users, etc. there’s also an extensive admin panel wherever unlimited sections will be simply added.

Miscellaneous choices are obtainable if you like to attempt and do some changes, just like changing the background, parallax scrolling background, video background, Font Awesome Icons, uploading logos and favicon, adding custom CSS and so on.

The theme is also best, responsive, clean, and SEO-friendly. And also with the theme updation, the interface of your weblog can grow up with moreover diversities and additionally the theme is compatible with Elementor Page Builder, WooCommerce, Polylangth, Contact form 7.


BuddyPress, Custom Background, Custom colors, Custom Header, Custom Menu, Editor style, Featured pictures, Full-Width template, Left Sidebar, One Column, Post Formats, RTL Language Support, Theme Options, Threaded Comments, Translation ready, 2 Columns

Live Demo: Click Here


Pinnacle WordPress Theme

Pinnacle provides an expert looking layout with versatile settings and designs. Its flat style is totally responsible for looking nice on mobile devices like tablets and phones. Not to mention, the WooCommerce integration permits for webmasters to make full eCommerce stores, to sell merchandise and produce in additional cash.

The Pinnacle theme is ideal for businesses, online stores, portfolios and private blogs, and it comes with translation support for building your client base or audience. Finally, you get many customization settings like custom headers, colors, and menus.

Pinnacle may be a bold theme with versatile choices and multiple designs. This WordPress theme is loaded with options and tools that permit full creativeness to be released into a unique website. Built with a modern flat style, its totally responsive layout makes for simple navigation on mobile displays.

Pinnacle is ideal or best for any kind of online business, online store, or personal website. It’s totally compatible with WooCommerce and provides you a distinct layout for an e-commerce website. Pinnacle was built and designed by Kadence WordPress Themes.


Custom colors, Custom Menu, E-Commerce, Featured pictures, Grid Layout, One Column, Portfolio, Theme options, Translation ready, 2 Columns

Live Demo: Click Here

Hope we have covered necessary things in this post and you have gained information about WordPress themes and how to choose good themes for your website or blog.

Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to What is a Theme? Don’t forget to share !

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