What is Server? How to How To Choose The Right One?

//What is Server? How to How To Choose The Right One?

What is Server? How to How To Choose The Right One?


A server is a computer program that provides data to other program. It may serve to Local Area Network(LAN) or wide Area Network(WAN).

What does a server do?

Number of servers  used for multiple purpose depends on the need and requirement. Like web server serves web pages requested by client to display information, game server to connect gaming users from remote locations of the world, a mail server uses the SMTP protocol to send and receive emails from users and so on. Each server has different functionality and role over the internet. So let discuss types of server and their functionality.

Types of servers

Every server has different purpose and they are categorised according to their needs.  They can be used to collect data and transmission, for hosting websites and other client applications. A web server servers requested HTML pages or any other web extension. The program that is requesting web content is called a client.

Known servers are:

1. FTP Server

File transfer Protocol is responsible for transferring files from server to computer and vice versa. FTP servers is the oldest server. Filezilla, Cyberduck, Cerberus are one of the most popular popular softwares used to upload/transfer files on server.

2.Proxy Servers

In computer networks, a proxy server is responsible for connection between a client and an external server. It acts as an intermediary to entertain the request for connection, performance enhancement and accessibility. Hidester, hide.me, ProxySite are famous proxy servers.

3.Online Gaming Server

Gaming servers are servers that are used to host games. They have gained a lot of popularity within few years. They connect gaming users from all over the world. Games like Counter Strike, MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online) , Xbox Live | Xbox are famous example of games which are connected through gaming servers.

4.Web servers

Web servers are responsible for hosting websites and serving all the requests from client side. After this it loads a web page and browser is responsible for displaying as one complete page.

5-Application Servers

Application servers is a  framework which is component-based that resides in the middle-tier of server architecture and provides both the facilities to create web applications and a server environment to run them.  Security services and main maintenance is provided by application server.

6-List Servers

A server which manages mailing list of users and  enhance the functionality and management. Daily mails, newsletters, announcements , advertising through email marketing are few examples.

7-Chat Servers

A chat server is a server which is used to handle queries and information shared while chatting on internet.

8-IRC Servers

IRC servers is an example of chat server which is comprised of various independent networks networks. This allows to connect with each other and share real-time data.

9-Groupware Servers

It enables users to work together at remote locations through internet in a virtual environment.

11-Mail Servers

A mail server is a server which is used to send/receive mails, store them and fetch data whenever required. Gmail, ymail,hotmail are very famous example.

12-Virtual Server

A virtual server is a shared server where everyone has complete control on it. This is because of its configurations and ease of using it.

13- Blade Server

A blade server or Server Blade is server housing multiple thin, modular electronic circuit boards owning its own rights and dedicated to a single application. It is cost-efficient, slim and less power consuming and is very high performing server.

How to choose the right server?

Choosing the right server is a very important decision which should be taken wisely considering all the factors, including virtual machine and container consolidation. Company providers name and reputation also matters, because they are the one who will be responsible for maintenance and services. So each and every thing should be considered.
Now lets see what are the factors to while choosing the right server:


This is the first criteria while choosing because number of intruders attack on servers every day, so its should be very secure.


Detection and recovery features, data encryption to protect data, log files to record all activity, how much uptime a server is giving comes under maintenance.

Disk Space

How much internal storage is being provided, the choice of disk types and capacity, how fast they’ll be performing under pressure is also important. It can have significant impact while giving inputs/output.


Hardware used also plays a vital role because the demands on server can increase anytime. A server have one of more fast performing fast hard drives or SSD’s that can perform quick actions.

There are other factors too which we will discuss later on.

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