Top 5 Best Email Marketing Plugins For Your Business

///Top 5 Best Email Marketing Plugins For Your Business

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Plugins For Your Business

Email Marketing is the 3rd most influential source of information which has always acted as lifesaver for businesses. Whether you talk about b2b email marketing or b2c email marketing companies spend huge amount of money for bulk emails and always look for best email marketing service providers so that they can generate revenue, increase sales and earn profit. As most of the websites are built using WordPress, thanks to the plugins which makes it easier to do email marketing. Today we will be discussing about Best Email Marketing Plugins For Your Business and how these plugins can help you in mastering the technique of doing email marketing. But first lets discuss

Why Email Marketing is important ?

In B2B email marketing:

  1. Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind only colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders.
  2. 86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.
  3. CTRs are 47% higher for B2B email campaigns than B2C email campaigns.
  4. 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation.
  5. 56 percent of brands using emoji in their email subject lines had a higher open rate, according to a report by Experian.
  6. Tuesday is the best day of the week to send email (according to 10 email marketing studies).


So you can clearly see the stats of email marketing and how useful they are when it comes to build and grow your network with other companies.

For a newbie these question always arises:

Q.How to do email marketing?

Q.How to send bulk email?

Q.How to send email from wordpress website?

Q.Who are providing affordable email marketing tools or best email campaign service providers?

Q.Which is the best email marketing plugins for your business?

Well these questions are not only for newbies but also for professionals too. They keep on for better options to compete in market and grow their business.

So now lets discuss about best email marketing plugins for your business and how they can benefit you.

Top 5 best email marketing plugins for your business that you must have in your wordpress website

WordPress contains a large number of plugins for email marketing that are simply downloadable to increase the efficiency of marketing. A tentative list of the best WordPress email marketing plugins is given below:-


MailChimp Email Marketing

When it involves Email marketing, MailChimp is a name that has certainly left a mark. One of the best Email marketing services out there, the great news is, MailChimp currently offers you a WordPress plugin to help out!

It is one of the most used WordPress plugins in the world. With more than nine million downloads of the same, it’s almost certain that a business organization might need to download it anytime in the future.

MailChimp account is connected with your WordPress account and contains more features such as email tracking, accessible sign-up forms, feasible connection with different plugins and it additionally helps in starting up promotions as soon as your WordPress account is equipped with new posts.

This increases engagement since all the followers of the page get information regarding the page. It additionally has an attached API key that makes it stand out.

MailChimp can also analyze consumer preferences along with the creation of various email templates. It additionally provides best in class design choices to fetch more customers.

Don’t worry if you’re not a MailChimp user you can create a new account that is completely free and takes minimum time! If you’re a growing business owner or a professional marketer, there are premium plans for you! so why wait? Get this amazing newsletter service which will assist you to send out the e-mail campaigns to your users simply and in a matter of minutes! Its ease of use makes it one of the best email marketing plugins for your business.

It’s a subscription-based service from the e-mail marketing. If you want to use the service, you need to install the plugin.

Key Features:-

  • User-Friendly and mobile-optimized sign-up forms.
  • Seamless integration with other popular form plugins.
  • Well Documented & Developer friendly.
  • Friendly and dedicated support!
  • Add-ons available for better features.
  • Translation ready.
  • Unlimited subscription forms.


Newsletter Email Marketing

It’s a WordPress specific plugin created to provide an email marketing solution for the users. Newsletter is a centralized plugin, which might be used for many diverse functions only with the help of a single plugin. It reduces confusion and costs to an enormous level. It helps in managing newsletters and insights of the viewers of the WordPress website.

There are several features available on this newsletter plugin like widgets, editable forms and email tracking. It is perfect for list building as well as sending out emails headache-free, this plugin goes out of the box to provide you the best expertise with promoting and adding subscribers to your website.

It can be very easily connected to your WordPress account in order to save time and resources. This plugin is becoming quite common in the business market recently.

Key Features:-

  • Responsive and mobile friendly form designs.
  • Unlimited subscribers and newsletters.
  • Translation Ready.
  • Integration with the WordPress Registration.
  • Free and premium add-ons for a better expertise.
  • Easy Installation and Usage.
  • Helpful and friendly user support.


Sendiinblue Email Marketing

The SendinBlue WordPress plugin is a powerful email-marketing tool with over 7000 active installs. It permits you to make customized subscription forms and integrate them into your posts, pages or sidebars. You can also easily manage your contact lists and use advanced audience segmentation to boost the performance of your campaign.

There are a mobile-friendly drag and drop builder and template library that helps you to make and send engaging newsletters. Also, you have insights into stats, like open emails, clicks, bounce rate, etc. It’s high grades and is completely free up to three hundred emails per day.

This plugin has earned its name through its amazing service as an email marketing service provider. And when it comes to WordPress it’s currently easier to connect it to your website than ever with the addition of a WordPress plugin SendinBlue.

You can simply send thousands of emails and newsletters through SendinBlue directly through your WordPress without any hassle to connect.

Key Features:-

  • Easy integration with SendinBlue.
  • Auto-installation of the automation script.
  • Powerful statistics and analytics feature.
  • Drag and Drop email design tool.
  • Advanced segmentation for easier access.
  • Unlimited custom fields.



Mailpoet Email Marketing

MailPoet plugin has an amazing solution for creating newsletters, automated emails and post notifications. You can capture subscribers with its register or signup widget. It additionally permits you to drop your posts, pictures and social icons in your newsletter.

This free WordPress email marketing plugin is ideal to send out unlimited emails for up to 2000 subscribers without leaving the WordPress platform. The advanced features that have been upgraded surely take your marketing to a completely new level.

The flexible and simply configurable choices add the ease of usage. The best part? you can switch to the premium version of this plugin once you have more than 2000 subscribers in minutes. If you register to one of their sending plans you will be set up. This is ideal for small business owners and bloggers.

You can choose between seventy themes and get stats for your newsletter opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounce rate, etc. With very high ratings from its users, MailPoet is definitely a plugin that’s value your attention.

Key features:-

  • Designer and responsive templates to choose.
  • Solid reliability.
  • Option to send emails with the MailPoet’s sending service.
  • Translation ready.
  • Helpful and responsive client support.
  • Automatic Welcome email sending choice.
  • Easy configuration.



SumoMe Email Marketing

SumoMe has more than 100,000 active installs and it provides free tools for growing your subscriber’s list. This plugin can make it simple for your viewers to join your email list, share your content and optimise with analytics. It’s a free and simple integration with any WordPress theme.

Also, it’s easy to email integration with all email marketing service providers. It helps in making a larger base of the audience very simply. SumoMe is the most loveable plugins amongst newbies and bloggers due to its simplicity and high functionality.

It offers an excess of tools to assist you to grow your email list. There are 100’s of methods to ask your website viewers for their email address in return for your irresistible offer. It includes pop-ups on the top of the page, the side of the page, pop-ups that slide in, pop-ups that wave at you etc.

Once SumoMe is installed, you may be able to check all of those different choices and see which one works best for growing your list.

SumoMe is 100 pc mobile-optimized and provides customized templates to make your email pop-up look amazing. You can also see the activity of your most recent or latest email subscribers.

You can view email subscription statistics and simply add Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest sharing of your pictures. The great factor is that with SumoMe content analytics you can see how far people are scrolling on your website.

This plugin can be used along with other plugins like MailChimp, Constant contract and many others in order to extend the degree of customization available to the owner of the WordPress account.

It additionally connects your WordPress blogs to social media, newsletters, different websites, channels and heat maps as well. The scroll box provided by this plugin is simple to be filled so that more and more people subscribe to the dialogue box. It has so many features thus making itself best email marketing plugins for your business which will definitely help you to grow your email list.

Key Features:-

  • SumoMe integrates very well with WordPress
  • All apps are simply customizable
  • Easy to line up through a clear and understandable interface
  • No coding information needed
  • Trusted by more than 5 million users, together with Airbnb
  • Fully mobile optimised

Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to best email marketing plugins for your business or how effectively email marketing can be done through WordPress plugins don’t forget to share !

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