Paid Vs Free SSL Certificate – Which One to Choose?

//Paid Vs Free SSL Certificate – Which One to Choose?

Paid Vs Free SSL Certificate – Which One to Choose?

Let’s begin with this question, what’s the distinction in Paid Vs Free SSL Certificate? You might be surprised to hear that there is zero difference between free and paid SSL certificates.

Yes! Yes! There is zero difference between free and paid SSL certificates. So why we are having this discussion on Paid Vs Free SSL Certificate?

Well the key difference between the premium SSL certificate and free SSL certificates come down to the amount of trust behind the certificates, and the features enclosed in each kind of SSL certificate.

Lets Find Out Difference Between Paid And Free SSL Certificates

Free SSL Or Paid SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificates

Some corporations don’t have enough money resources to afford a premium SSL certificates. Big firms like Let’s Encrypt, SmartSSL, and Amazon provides free SSL certificates. These companies provide website administrators the most basic security features and access to HTTPS. The purpose of providing free SSL started as an initiative aimed toward encouraging websites to change to the secure HTTPS protocol.

Here are the limitations that you’ll encounter once dealing with free SSL Certificates:

  • Domain Validation Only

Free SSL Certificates won’t certify the identity of the website owner. They only ensure a secure connection. Therefore, customers can’t be sure of the identity of the website owner.

  • Designed To Protect Small Websites

Large corporations, banks, social networking sites, and governments are less likely to use free SSL Certificates.

  • Limited Support

The companies that provide SSL Certificates for free, or include them among alternative services that they provide, are less likely to supply client support. Even if they have dedicated support channels, it’s unlikely they resolve issues in a timely manner, which is crucial for your website’s security. Waiting for a solution to even a small problem can have negative effects on your website and business.

  • Constantly Renewed

Most of the free SSL Certificates are issued for a quantity of ninety to three sixty days and, therefore need to be renewed every time this period expires.

Free SSL provides the same as a paid one, which logically begs the question: Why should I pay for the same certificate when you can get it for free? Here’s why:

Premium certificates are issued and signed by the foremost trustable certificate authorities (CAs). You either get it directly from the certificate authority (CAs) site, or you can purchase conveniently from corporations.

Benefits of Paid SSL certificates are:

  • Well Recognised

Certificates issued by reputable authorities. With paid certificates, clients may report any issue they come across to their certificate authorities, that is obliged to promptly investigate them. So, clients feel safer having their backs ensured by trustworthy CAs.

  • More Choice

Paid Certificates are issued in 3 validation types: Domain, Extended, and Business. They are also based on the complexity of the website, such as, One-Domain, Wildcard, and Multi-Domain Certificates to secure downloadable software.

  • Longer Renewals

Paid certificates are issued for up to 3 years. This means your online business will stay secured for a long time.

  • All Server Compatibility

Premium SSL certificates are compatible with any hosting services similarly as self-managed or dedicated servers, which makes it easier to set up.

Hope you are now clear which SSL Certificate you should install for your website

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