Learn How Google Adsense Work and Show Appropriate Ads?

///Learn How Google Adsense Work and Show Appropriate Ads?

Learn How Google Adsense Work and Show Appropriate Ads?

This has always been a question in people’s mind that how google adsense work and show ads in a website or blog? Well the major part of Google revenue comes from the advertisement program i.e. Adwords and Adsense. Most popular keywords are picked by Google’s search engine algorithm, then biding of those keywords is done. The same kind of process is followed by Google bots where google spiders crawl your site for indexing, finds the links and higher keywords. Higher the bid is, higher the advertiser has to pay to come on top of results. 

1. Ads Relevant to Content

When Adsense code is pasted on your site, after sometime ads starts displaying and you make notice that most of them are irrelevant. Lets take our own example, our niche is digital marketing, servers, domains etc which co-relate with each other. When we got our Adsense approved and pasted our code, the ads which were displayed was – NETFLIX, TATA TELE BUSINESS SERVICES etc. which were irrelevant. The reason here is google needs to crawl your site content and identify keywords. Once your site is properly crawled by google, keywords are identified, ads related to your niche starts displaying. The AdSense for Content code dynamically loads a JavaScript file from a Google server located nearer to the visitor’s geographical location. So the ads are not only displayed not only according to your content but also to your location.

To display ads according to your needs, you must use content that uses keywords and synonyms. Putting unnecessary or to many random keywords into your content that forms no sentence will get you in trouble as it will have no sense. Also there will be chances of keyword stuffing which is not allowed by google. If your niche is about car insurance or health insurance or tech, make sentences which has meaning with rich keywords.

Understanding Google Adsense Policies For Publishers in 2019

2. Ads are Dynamic

We all know that how fast google is growing and its all because of the technology used by them. Its unique, futuristic, reliable and keeps on developing new things. In case of google Adsense, the technology used goes beyond keyword matching. Its algorithms are so strong that it grasps your content and automatically deliver ads relevant to your web pages. It doesn’t matter that you have 10 pages or 100+ pages, google ads will show appropriate ads on every pages of your site. In case of blogs, where content keeps on changing, there are internal linkings of pages, sometimes topics are repeated but with different title and so on, google understands your content and then display ads to match your content. 

Below is what Google says about showing appropriate ads:

Google’s ad review process ensures that the ads displayed on your sites are not only family friendly, but also comply with strict editorial guidelines. Google combines sensitive language filters, your input, and a team of linguists with good hard common sense to automatically filter out ads that may be inappropriate for your content.

What’s more, you can block competitive ads and choose your own default ads. It’s your show from start to finish.

3. Ad Filtering Options

Various filters are used to filter inappropriate ads and deliver the ads related to your content. It also helps in increasing your earnings.

  • Competitive Filter – It enables filtering of advertisements from specific competitors and advertisers
  • Contextual Filter – This eliminates ads not relevant to the content on the page
  • Editorial Review – Google also review the ads manually on certain cases and approve before serving on your site

There is an option for you to choose the backup ad when you create an ad code in your Adsense account. If there are none, then google will show your backup ad automatically. This will be a blank space in between your blog posts or web page. As a AdSense account holder, you can also review and block ads from specific advertisers.

4. How Google Target Ads for Your Site?

Google delivers targeted ads for each single site and is done by ad targeting using different technologies and algorithms.

4.1. Contextual Targeting

Contextual ads are delivered based on the keywords, links and many other factors on the page including typical things like font size. Google tracks everything and match with the advertisements to choose the highest bid ads for publishers.

4.2. Placement Targeting

The ad placement is one of the major factor for earning more revenue. Better the ad placement is better are the chances of earning high. Generally ads shown above or below header earns more than other ads. The reasons is that advertisers prefer to show the ads immediately when the page is loaded rather than the user needs to scroll down to see the ad.

4.3. Geo Targeting

Google to understand the primary language of the site’s content regardless of whether it is declared or not. If your content is in a language supported by AdSense program, AdSense will target ads in the appropriate language to your content. 

5. Irrelevant AdSense Ads

Sometimes its good if you are seeing irrelevant ads on your website. Reason:

a) Due to interest based ads 

b) Due to thin content on a page

a) Interest Based Ads – Reason for No Relevancy

Google tracks each site you’ve visited by using various methods and cookies is one of them. But Why to take so much headache? The major reason is to track internet based ads on google search and Adsense publisher’s sites.

Want to test?? Let’s gets started then

Open Cloudways on chrome and then open a page/post showing Adsense Ads. Ads from Cloudways will start appearing. Google cares more about what your interest is rather than what your content is about. So this is Interest based ads.

b) Thin Content Shows Irrelevant Ads

Irrelevant ads are mostly seen when there is an article of 400 words or less with 3-5 ads on a single page. This affect ads quality and user experience. No one wants to see a page full of ads.

Here’s a simple equation from Google to have a successful site earning more revenue:

A content rich page = Highly targeted ads

Highly targeted ads + Interested users = Healthy click through & conversion rates

Healthy click through & conversion rates = Success!

6. What is AdSense Bot or Crawler? Why it is important?

A crawler or bot or google spider is a software used to find and index the content of web pages. Google uses these spiders or bots for searching different platforms for content. The Adsense bot scans the publisher’s website to serve relevant ads. 

Why Adsense bot is Important?

  • AdSense bot crawls the websites once in a week and publisher’s can’t control the crawl rate. Note in case of Google Search Console site owners can control the rate of crawling unlike AdSense bot.
  • Google uses separate bots for search, AdSense and Search Console. Thus correcting any crawl issues showing in Search Console (Webmaster Tools) account will have no impact on AdSense ads displayed. 
  • AdSense bot treats “example.com” and “www.example.com” as two different sites the same way as search bots.
  • Use robots.txt file to control the access of AdSense bot. Pages forbidden by robots.txt file will not be crawled by AdSense bot.
  • AdSense bot only crawls the webpages from which the ad request is being sent.
  • If you are redirecting a page, AdSense bot first crawls your original page to confirm the redirect.

Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to Google Adsense or you want to learn more on how google adsense work. Don’t forget to share !

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