How To Improve On Page SEO of Your Website In 2019

///How To Improve On Page SEO of Your Website In 2019

How To Improve On Page SEO of Your Website In 2019

Search engine optimisation is the process of working with various website and content factors. The goal with search engine optimisation, as the term itself indicates, is to achieve rankings on search engines. Without being ranked on search engines, your website will not get any visitors. And visitors are the key to success for any website in today’s world of digital marketing. One of the main purpose of On Page SEO is to increase domain authority of your site. You can use DA checker tool to evaluate the actual growth of your website domain age.

Search engine optimisation has always been classified in two types. The first is On page SEO and the second is Off page SEO. Let us briefly talk about off page SEO before we jump into the details of on page SEO. Off page SEO, as the term indicates, works with factors that go beyond the website. So if you want to improve your rankings through off page SEO, you will be mainly working with:

  1. Social media enhancement
  2. Link building

Links can be categorised in internal links and external links. Internal links are relatively easier to build but have less of an influence. Back links or external links are links that come from other websites. Likewise, social media marketing make up a huge chunk of off page SEO. Even though Google does not claim any relationship between the number of shares a piece of content receives and its search engine rankings, a correlation has been found between popular pieces of content on the web and higher rankings. So make sure that you are putting time and effort into off page SEO.

Let us jump into on page SEO now. On page SEO will work with factors that are on your website. This means that you are working with keyword density, images, content quality, grammar and what not. If you want to improve the on page SEO of your website and want to improve your rankings real time, here is how you can do it.

How To Do On Page SEO Properly?

Content is king

This phrase must have been thrown at you a thousand times if you have been reading about search engine optimisation. However, not everyone actually understands what this phrase stands for. When we say content is the absolute king, we don’t just mean that you should be working with quality ideas. Content can be categorised in various factors on the basis of which content can be judged.
Here is how to work on your content.

1. Grammar

If you open a blog and it has 100’s of new ideas, that is great. But how is that content presented? Does it contain bad grammar? Where ideas show how well- researched a piece of content is, grammar is useful in establishing the blog’s credibility. So if a blog does not take out the time to proofread its content, should it be trusted?

2. Structure

How you structure your content has a huge impact on your search engine optimisation. This is because people want to read content that can be skimmed. You don’t want to create content that is complex and tough for people. Studies show that a lot of people directly jump to the conclusion of a blog before making the decision that if or not they want to read that particular blog post. So make sure your content has structure. Start with a nice introduction. Make sure that no paragraph is too long. Write a clear conclusion.

3. Graphic content

In today’s web content creation industry, there is an increased shift from text content to graphic content. It is suspected that future will be all about video content. This is because text is too much effort. Why bother to read a 1000 words blog post when you can get all that information in a 5 minutes video? This is not to imply that you should stop generating text content. It is just a matter of how you choose to make it interesting for people. And the way you do that is by incorporating image content. Make sure to use images
that are relevant and add more to your blog posts. Likewise, you want to give all the necessary credits with those images. Google does not like it when you take images off other websites but don’t give them the required credits.

4. Research

Today, the content you choose to create should not be focused on quantity but quality. You want to create content that actually helps people. That should be your end goal. And the way you do that is through researching well into your topic. Make sure that you know what your competitors are writing on the same topic and what you can add to make it 10x better.

Technical search engine optimisation

Besides the part where you create basically flawless content, you also want to make sure that your technical SEO is on point. This means that you want to make sure that your keyword density is optimised. Before writing a blog post, you should be doing a keyword research. This keyword research should tell you what terms to focus on in your blog post. Now you don’t want to focus on these terms way too much or way too little. Your keyword density has to be between 2 and 3 percent. This means that for every 100 words you write, your keyword should repeat only 2 to 3 times.

Social media marketing

Another great way to improve your off page SEO is through social media marketing. Internet marketing is huge. However, social media marketing is one of the best ways to market a brand’s products and/or services online. Likewise, for a blog, social media marketing can be hugely useful.
This means that what you are doing is to have a social media presence. Social media presence and the popularity that comes with it can be very useful for your blog. For starters, you should be able to get new and loyal visitors from your social media to your blog. Likewise, you should be able to
receive better rankings. Even though it has not been claimed by Google that a website with increased shares on social media receives better rankings, but a correlation has been found between websites that rank high on search engines and the blogs that receive a lot of social shares.

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Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to how to improve on page on of your website. Don’t forget to share !

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Content is always King. I’m so glad you mentioned this. Any search traffic that I drove to my blog and my course has been because I focus heavily on content. Do that and you’ll be good to go. Awesome tips buddy.


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