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///How To Drive Traffic In App Through Website – Netflux Proton

How To Drive Traffic In App Through Website – Netflux Proton

App Store Optimisation Or ASO can take time and you have to keep on looking for new techniques to drive traffic in app. Multiple tools should be used in ASO to get the metrics and analyse the behaviour of traffic, Keyword Position, number of downloads, source of traffic and all other necessary information. It takes time to rank your app higher in play store or App Store. There is one successful way where you can drive traffic in your app and that is through website.

We all know how powerful website are, they can be a game changer when it comes to marketing and if their Search Engine Optimisation is done correctly, results are fruitful.  Lets discuss how to drive traffic in app through website

8 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic In App Through Website

It’s no secret that increasing numbers of web searches are being performed on mobile, not desktop.

During the days when the idea of internet sites for having an online presence was becoming popular. Several business owners thought that having an internet site wasn’t necessary to sustain their business. These days we stand at a point where online presence is completely necessary to form brand awareness and to achieve mass audiences.

During a time where smartphones are so popular and with the mobile searches overtaking the desktop searches it’s completely necessary to have a mobile app for your business. But simply having a mobile app for your business isn’t the end of the game because a user won’t come looking for you in the app store until and unless you drive them there by some certain techniques.

Though mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches you shouldn’t forget that still, a large percentage of searches come from the desktop. Having a responsive web style of the mobile site with applicable links can direct the user to the mobile app in the relevant store simply. Taking of these points into consideration we discuss some possible ways by which you’ll turn your website traffic into your mobile app users.

  • Introduce Your App’s Link On The Website

In order to make a website to App conversion possible, It’s extremely necessary for you to make sure that the website user has a way to download your App. You also need to keep in mind that the method of App downloading is as easy as possible in order to have a lot of conversions. A user won’t necessarily manually look for you on his mobile after seeing your website, therefore, you need to have a clear step by step method listed to direct him to your app in the store.

One technique is to have the default app store buttons provided by Apple and Google listed on your website. Another effective way to do that is to have the Text me the App link notification displayed on the website. Once a user has browsed your website for a certain quantity of your time you’ll show web push notification on the screen to provide them an option to download your app. This is quite an easy technique for the web to app conversions as the user directly receives the link on his mobile.

  • Perfect App Landing Page

You need to present your app on the web as the best possible method. A landing page and web presence serve as the hub for all data regarding your app. It helps in shaping your app’s style identity with its logo, typography, and color palette. It defines the story of your app in a sentence to assist showcase its purpose and core features. Landing page is the best and one of the most effective way to drive traffic in app. You have full control and websites backlinks that you have build will also help you a lot to drive traffic in app.

  • Clear Call To Action Messages

It is crucial to forming a straightforward path from the web to your app. This way, potential users won’t get lost on the way. To make sure they choose this path you have to indicate to them a single, big, bright button with a brief and clear text. For guiding users to the app store in a familiar way you’ll use the badges provided by Apple and Google.

An effective methodology to turn your website traffic to your app users is to create the experience seamless wherever possible. Therefore rather than introducing multiple links on your webpage keep a single call to action button.

Introduction of the many links may at many times confuse the potential user and he might even abandon the entire method of downloading the app therefore, attempt to make the method easy and have a visible call to action button which is able to direct the user to the relevant app store be it through your desktop site or your mobile site.

  • Include “Send me The App” Integrations

What if visitors are using their computers when they see how helpful your app will be? Well, in this case, you have the chance to send them a text with the link for installing the app. And for that you simply have 2 options:

a) SMS To Download

It is very simple to implement this possibility and there are minimum chances that people can refuse to download your app just in case they’ll receive the link on their mobile device. A button with an easy text like “Get link” can permit users to enter their number for sending the app on their smartphone. This way they’ll install the app once they will open the SMS. In the end, you’ll be able to solve the problem with the visibility of your app if users can’t find it when they search in app store they won’t install it and if they don’t install it, your app won’t rank higher.

b) E-mail To Download

Sending SMS that invites users to download the app is efficient, but the solution to send E-mails is more simple and easier to manage. There are persons who don’t agree to share their number and that they prefer to complete an easy form if they’re convinced that the app is what they actually need.

  •  Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are meant to attract possible users which already shown their interest in your app, by visiting your landing page or other channels where they’d the chance to download your app. But for some reasons, they didn’t install it, and even if they downloaded your app, you need to make sure they use your app more than once.

  • AdWords

In case you’re using AdWords and you wish to remarket all the viewers of your landing page you’ll select website visitors from the Audience menu. It’s very simple and you’ll reach your landing page viewers to make sure they understood your message.

  • Facebook Ads

When using Facebook you’ll simply add the e-mail addresses or the phone numbers of those you want to impress. In this case, you should choose client File. In the same manner, you’ll follow your website visitors. This feature is termed as website Traffic.

  • LinkTexting

It is the easiest way to get visitors from web to mobile apps.

To get started, register at no cost by clicking “Get Started.” Next, click “Create New Link” and enter the content of the SMS you want to send, and also the domain you want to send it from. Then, click “Test,” and then copy the displayed code onto your site.

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