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//How to Check Domain Name Age – Netflux Proton

How to Check Domain Name Age – Netflux Proton

Check Domain Name Age

Before buying any domain and hosting, you should check everything whether it is to check domain name age, domain history and its ownership(if any). Thinking about making an internet site for implementing an innovative plan for an incredible blog? Well! the primary step is buying a domain name and ‘ought to do’ list for the same, contains checking the history and age, followed up by complete profile analysis of the domain name.

There are some tools that enable the user or the client of the new domain to have a plan regarding how productive and reliable the domain is by displaying its age and other connected components (which successively decides your domain rank on Google).

Following is the list of the domain age checker tool which may assist you to decide which domain would be the most effective to invest and go about with the business plan and investment. 

Best Domain Age Checker Tools

These tools will help you in giving information related to domain creation date and expiry date. So let us quickly go through the list which will check domain name age and other details.


Smallseotools is a fast, user-friendly online tool that provides an instant result on domain’s age at no cost. All user need to do is simply paste the link in the “search box” then the reliable results are out.


Bulkseotools tool is available on windows and android app store and permits multiple tasks like checking domain age, Alexa, PageRank, Dmoz and bulk whois lookup. It’s one of the most reliable tools and charges no fee for the service it provides.


Prepostseo Domain age checker tool permits you to check the time, when your domain name was registered and when it was updated last time. It checks domain age of multiple websites at the same time.


Duplichecker make it much more convenient to find out the exact time frame for the age of a domain. Mostly, the results given to you by duplichecker are reliable and accurate.

How To Check Domain History

The internet leaves behind footprints that’s simply traceable and goes a long way before. The domain name that you simply choose to go with might have a history of its own. It has got its own history of malicious code and sensitive content. It would have passed on across by completely different owners and then ended on your plate.

The past matters a lot in this internet world. So, how do you know the past of your domain name that you intend to go with? Before you jump on the colorful boat of your new domain name, ensure you’re perfectly aware of what you’re obtaining, so you won’t be left surprised once you get it.

Tools To Examine History Of Domain Names

The internet has additionally made it possible to search out the history of any domain name to allow you to do your part of the work before going with a domain name. So, here are the best tools out there on the internet to examine out the history of a domain name.

This tool permits their users to browse for historical information of any website in detail.

This tool provides its users with a broad set of high-impact statistics and also the internet’s most complete domain history database. It helps users to track domain ownership changes, last ownership record, check domain name age and also the entire domain ownership trial. is another best tool out there on the internet to examine the history of a domain name and check domain name age. This is a Free tool to track a lot of data of any domain name or even an IP Address.

You can check website data, ownership details, and other statistics. This tool provides all the details you’d need to know regarding any domain name. You’ll also keep a watch on the new TLD’s to jump on the occasion of grabbing them as fast as possible.

centralops tool is a free online domain history checker tool. It Investigate domains and IP addresses. It provides registrant information, DNS records, and more in one report. is a free online domain istory checker tool. It provides the complete database about the domain. It shows creation date, expiration date, registration url and more in one record.

whoisrequest is a free online domain history checker tool. It shows the domain registration date, domain expiration date, name servers, organization name, registrar and more in one record.

What is Whois?

It is an internet service that provides basic data and information about a registered domain, like domain owner contact information, domain availability status and also the company with that the domain is registered (also known as the Registrar). Whois additionally provides registration and expiration dates of a domain as well as the nameservers the domain is using.

What is ICANN?

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It maintains the central repository for IP addresses and helps coordinate the supply of IP addresses. It additionally manages the DNS and root servers. The main role of ICANN is to manage the domain name registration process and also the assignment of IP addresses to ISPs through its internet assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) group.

What Happens When A Domain Get Expired?

Whenever a domain expires it becomes inactive immediately, and all the services attached to it, like a site or email address cease to function. It’s impossible to make any updates to the domain while it’s expired.

Note: If your domain name has expired, renew it immediately. You should renew your domain name through the registrar (or reseller) that provided your domain name registration services.

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