Everything You Need To Know About: WordPress 5.0 Update

///Everything You Need To Know About: WordPress 5.0 Update

Everything You Need To Know About: WordPress 5.0 Update

WordPress 5.0 Update: Making The Buzz Around The World

Yes it’s here! WordPress 5.0 Update – making the buzz around the world. Since the news got spread with the testing for New Editor Plugin which they have even rolled out for testing, everyone got an idea that there will be major updates coming in WordPress.


Well there are many updates which took in WordPress in the past years, but why WordPress 5.0 is making buzz and so much in news? Here’s Why?

The New Block-Based Editor Known as Gutenberg

Gutenberg-The New Block Editor

Gutenberg is a completely redesigned WordPress editor. With new updates people are reporting issues specially to those who were used to old classic editor. But this is not it, the way people create content with old WordPress editor has also changed, its getting hard to digest the new look and feel, the ease to understand and use, but it’s OKAY and people will get used to it. This always happens when anything is changed, it takes time to adapt. You can still use the old editor by installing the official Classic Editor plugin.

Coming back to Gutenberg WordPress Editor, We will discuss its updates and compare it with its predecessor or previous version, What Makes WordPress 5.0 Unique? What You Can Expect From WordPress 5.0 ? What Considerations you should keep Before Updating to WordPress 5.0? You should Update to WordPress 5.0 or not? So Let’s talk about it!

WordPress 5.0 VS WordPress 4.9 Vs WordPress 4.8

Those who were using WordPress for a while, you’ll be noticing the change very quickly and changes are significant. This can be a major risk of loosing customers or can be a game changer, which we will get to know in future.

WordPress 4.9

Wordpress 4.9

Save and Schedule Changes in The Customizer


With WordPress 4.9, it brought change sets to theme customizer. It is like post revisions but for your theme changes. You can store changes without applying them.

It allows users to easily schedule theme changes to be automatically published later just like a post draft.

Shortcode in Sidebar Text Widgets


WordPress didn’t allow shortcode execution in text widgets. Users had to explicitly enable shortcodes in text widgets. WordPress 4.9 finally changed that and users were able to add short codes in text widgets out of the box.

WordPress 4.8

Wordpress 4.8

WordPress 4.8 brought many updates in widgets section. For example, if you want to add images, there were dedicated media widget for images, audio and video files.

Visual Editor Enhancements


Many beginners were finding it difficult to move the cursor away from the link and when they reported this to WordPress team, they brought this change and fixed visual editor to write posts. Now they just press right or left arrow key to move the cursor away.

WordPress News and Events Dashboard Widget

WordPress News and Events Dashboard Widget

Some might have not noticed, but those who are always keen to networking, recognised this update and took advantage of this. If you are still thinking what is it, then the WordPress News and Events Dashboard Widget appeared on the dashboard screen of WordPress admin area and displayed all news, events near your location. The widget automatically tries to guess user’s location by tracking the IP address and timezone.

Now Comes WordPress 5.0: What you can expect

Wordpress 5.0 Update

We have already talked about block-based editor- Gutenberg, so let’s move further.

Here are other significant changes that makes WordPress 5.0 A buzz spot Upgrade:

  • Improvements to the WordPress Rest APIThe WordPress Rest API helps developers to create rich features making it easier to fetch data from website.
  • Building custom themes will become easier It is predicted that with Gutenberg, theme creation will become much easier and accessible. There are several page builders that are rival of old classic editor, but with this major Updates, WordPress will make sure to compete with them with Gutenberg. This will take time and its results will be seen in the Long run
  • Focus towards having more ease of site-building experienceAs we have seen, WordPress gives updates frequently to make the user experience better and with this major role out, they are aiming higher and focusing more on improving WordPress site-building functionality.


Will Gutenberg Affect themes and Plugins?

Yes it will and many users has reported this. Not only users, Twenty Nineteen is having their primary focus on Gutenberg, other popular theme are also following this lead and are compatible with Gutenberg.

Talking about Plugins, one of the most used plugin worldwide that fulfils your SEO requirement, is YOAST SEO, which is being affected. Many users reported this and still the conversation is in the HOT TOPICS of every blogger, digital marketers that what do to, how to fix issues with the Update of WordPress 5.0.

WordPress 5.0 Issues


Later in our next post we will be talking about What Considerations you should keep Before Updating to WordPress 5.0? You should Update to WordPress 5.0 or not? But before that we would like to know:

What do you think about WordPress 5.0 Update? Are you excited about Gutenberg – the new block-based editor or not? Are you facing any issue with your themes and plugins? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to WordPress 5.0 Update. Don’t forget to share.

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