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Paid Vs Free SSL Certificate – Which One to Choose?

Let’s begin with this question, what's the distinction in Paid Vs Free SSL Certificate? You might be surprised to hear that there is zero difference between free and paid SSL certificates. Yes! Yes! There is zero difference between free and paid SSL certificates. So why we are having this discussion [...]

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How To Install SSL Certificate – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Having an SSL Certificate installed in your website is a trust factor and search engine consider your website or blog a healthy and reliable. It is very easy to Install SSL Certificate and their are many companies providing free SSL and paid SSL certificates. We will discuss later what is [...]

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What is SSL Certificate? How Does SSL Helps in Securing Websites?

While you are searching your query on web, you might have seen websites having HTTP while some have HTTPS in their URL. Websites having HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security) adds encryption and authentication to websites. This is done by SSL Certificate which helps in securing websites. SSL certificate has various [...]

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How to Choose Hosting Services For Your Website?

Web hosting services permit individuals and organizations to make their sites accessible to the World Wide Web. The web hosting service provider is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. How does Web Hosting work? Once you [...]

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