Benefits Of Video Marketing For Business

///Benefits Of Video Marketing For Business

Benefits Of Video Marketing For Business

There are n number of benefits of video marketing for business that you cannot deny. There are number of reasons that come in mind regarding videos, the most important one is that videos permit you to tell stories. Stories that you just simply use to connect to your target market. Stories that you just as a seller can leverage to create powerful impressions and long lasting relationships. Stories that simply delivered. You will use video to experiment with new and fresh content and touch the emotional aspect of your audience. Because videos are a combination of visuals, motion and sounds. They permit you to form deep and more meaningful connections with people while positioning your brand in the best possible way.

A recent analysis conducted shows that 71% of marketers have found video content more conversion-friendly. Once done right, it will simply assist you to get better results with minimal efforts. Video production is no longer a tough task as it used to be a few years ago. You no longer need to spend plenty of your time on making a video or have an enormous budget to achieve studio level quality.

Many studies have verified that visual content works nicely once it involves engaging your audience. People these days prefer to consume content that’s visually appealing and interesting. Now, this isn’t limited to photos or images. Video content is proven to be an enormous part of the “visual content” movement.

Users from all over the world watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube on a daily basis. This single reality is enough to prove that how much users love videos. Videos are one of the most effective, interactive, and engaging types of content. Adding videos to your pages will boost user engagement and can increase the time, users spend on your website.

A video like this can give you benefits of video marketing for business where you can show case your business goals, what you do and how you can help others solve their problem. Impact of video in market whether it is small or big is amazing and people are ready to spend extra bucks for that.


Youtube videos play an important role to keep visitors stay on your website, you just have to link or embed those videos. Hosting videos on your website improves engagement and people will get more clarity of your business or website’s niche.

Benefits Of Video Marketing For Business

Consumers Consuming Content

video trends

People browsing the web have a short attention span, and videos permit visitors to consume more content, faster. Visitors are much more apt to engage with videos than with static text, therefore making more interactive and visual content is important.

This is not just a passing trend, the most important online video network, “YouTube”, which by the way is the second largest search engine in the world, more than one billion unique users visit YouTube every month. Over six billion hours of video are streamed each month on YouTube.

Video Builds Trust

Trust is the foundation of sales and conversions however building trust should be a goal on its own. The complete idea of content marketing relies on trust and making long-term relationships. Stop marketing and let the folks come to you by providing them with interesting and helpful information.

If you have built a website, you have already created a trust towards you visitors and hosting videos on your website will definitely give an impact on your business. You can also plan strategies on how you can gain benefits of video marketing for business to increase your sales.

The new era demands attention on ignition, not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content.

The video does it all. Video content is likely to engage users and ignite emotions. And when you talk about elite people within the audience, YouTubers became the foremost powerful social media figure to market your brand.

So, if you’re serious regarding content marketing, you must be serious about video, too. Promotional videos will foster trust as well. Some customers are still sceptical regarding buying product and services on the internet because they worry about fraud and cheating but effective selling videos present your product in a conversational kind that creates a way of individual approach that is why fifty-seven consumers say that videos gave them more confidence.

Video Marketing Will Justify Everything

video marketing statistics

Are you launching a brand new product or a service? Create a video to show how it works. Ninety-eight of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. That’s why 45th of businesses who use video marketing said that they need an explainer video on their home page. Of those businesses, 83 said that their homepage introduction explainer video was effective. Trying to explain a tough concept? Then create animated videos. The animation will bring ideas to life that no text or live video will. Animated videos are an ideal combination of entertainment and ease. Make sure you use a method that will get you results and take all the benefits of video marketing. 

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Video Engages Even The Laziest Buyers

impact of video

A video is a great tool for learning, but it’s also super simple to consume. Today’s life is simply too busy to have time to browse long product descriptions or dig deep into services. The modern client desires to see the product in action. Video preference is one of the most vital driving forces of using video in your content marketing. Video marketing can capture a large audience, and it works on many levels. Even the laziest ones. Make sure you target not only to the eyes but also to the ears of the potential consumer. Your competitive advantage gets double power!

Video Appeals to Mobile Users

video marketing for mobile devices

Video and mobile go hand in hand. Ninetieth of consumers watch videos on their mobile. From Q3 of 2013, mobile video views have grown over 233 %. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% per annum. Since people prefer to watch videos, and therefore the number of smartphone users is growing, your video audience keeps getting larger and larger. Google told that the number of smartphone users is more than TV viewers and 1.4 times more than desktop viewers to feel a way of private connection to brands that show video content or ads on their devices. The expansion of mobile video means, brands need to be sensitive to the private experience people have on their smartphones. As an example, provide them with a better selection of the video content they consume.

Big MNC have already learnt from past experiences that things which are visually seen are going to sell more and video in content marketing is one of the main strategies or you can say one step towards it. Those who took the benefits of video marketing for business are always 2 steps ahead of others. So, it you who have to decide what you want to do. 

Video Encourages Social Shares

effect of video marketing

In the eighth annual Social Media, marketing business Report Michael declared that 60 minutes of the social marketers used video content in 2015 and seventy-three of the total respondents planned to use it in 2016 and they sure did.

Social networks additionally encourage video content with their new features. Facebook has launched 3600 Video, Live Video, and Life stage (A Video-Centric App for Teenagers) and YouTube is the second preferred social network in the world. However, in a social media context, video marketers should remember that people share emotions, not facts. Seventy-six of users say they’d share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining. Therefore, create fun entertaining videos to encourage social shares. Emotions aren’t exactly ROI but social shares will increase traffic to your website, and you can take it from there.

If you know that you have a business that can solve problems of people, then you should take the benefits of video marketing for business, grow as much as you can and help people.

Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to benefits of video marketing for business or you have seen results after hosting videos on your website. Don’t forget to share !

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