All About Google Adsense You Need to Know

///All About Google Adsense You Need to Know

All About Google Adsense You Need to Know

Adsense is a pay per click advertising program run by Google, which helps publishers, bloggers or webmasters to earn revenue by displaying ads on their blogs or website(s). Google launched this platform in 2003. It is an easy way for publishers to display advertisements on their websites. Its a win-win situation for both i.e. Advertisers who uses Adwords to display their business through ads to reach n number of users to increase their sales and presence and for bloggers they display ads on their websites or blogs to earn revenue. Google is mediator role and pays certain percentage of amount received from advertisers to publishers.

Want to know how Google Adsense Works and what is the percentage Google shares with Publishers?

Why Google AdSense is Best for Publishers/Bloggers?

Adsense is one of the perfect platforms which allows bloggers to make money from their site. For that you have to learn all the aspects of ranking your site, getting traffic to generate good amount of income. Once your site is approved from google, you get a short code which is placed in your site. Make sure you read Adsense policies before pasting the code. Its better to read the guidelines first, be careful because you don’t want to get banned.

If in case your Adsense application is rejected, then you should check the reason for the rejection. We would recommend you apply follow these steps that we did before applying to our own Adsense Application: 

Well our Adsense application was accepted in one go on 3rd June 2018. Its been a while that we have been in touch with other bloggers which helped us a lot. They shared their reasons why their Adsense got rejected. There were different groups that we have joined on Facebook and most of the time the reason were matching. So while applying we made sure that we didn’t committed those mistakes which they did. Although some of the applications were accepted with NEW SITE and only 1 BLOG POST that too in 1 DAY only. We were also shocked to see this and how this happened is still a mystery. 

So coming back to what we did before applying to Google Adsense:

  • We made sure that there is sufficient quality content which is unique in our blog  
  • All our articles were of more than 1500-2500 words. Few are of 700-1000+ words which has less information. Google recommends 300+ words but we would suggest to write more than 1000+ words.
  • Credits were given to the site owners from where we have used images. Its better this way to avoid copyright cases. We modified those images according to our own need. Google does notice this.
  • Before applying we were having 20+ articles with almost 40K words which were unique. We didn’t wanted to get our application rejected so we were very precautious.
  • Our Domain age was more than 3 months. This is one of the google’s policy that when you apply for google Adsense your domain should be at least 3 months old.
  • We were having proper About Us, Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy Page with 300+ words.
  • SSL Certificate was installed.
  • All the articles were easy to read and provides valuable information. If this is not done you may suffer from google updates in future which will affect your rankings on search engines.

We made sure that we have a strong domain status, quality content and everything which fulfils google Adsense policy. Our Application got accepted in one day, we pasted the code in our blog and we were good to go 🙂 It was a very great moment for us and all our team members were so happy and we celebrated this moment.

Q. So Why Google Adsense? Why not any other platform?

Answer. Below are the reasons for publishers to choose AdSense:

  • No software to install, just ad the ad code on your pages. We used Quick Adsense Plugin as we were more comfortable using this. There are other plugins available like Ad Injector
  • No need of affiliate linking and multi-level referral marketing. We do have cloudways referral link. Who doesn’t like an extra income but we don’t focus much on it as of now
  • You don’t have to buy or sell anything
  • Google sends payment directly to your bank account without the need of merchant account 
  • Reliable payment system, Google pays every month without delay
  • AdSense shows highest paid and relevant ads
  • Easy to customise the feel and look of ads for different types of sites
  • The Most important is the trust factor. Google is a trustworthy company which is there for a long time in market

Google Adsense was launched in 2003 which means its been 16 years till now and so many publishers, website owners has seen ups and downs, solved so many problems, guided other people to make money online. This long existence makes it the most trustworthy  and the reliable platform.

What Type of Sites are Suitable for AdSense?

Any type of website is suitable for website. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, having a big niche covering all the essential topics like a news site or working on a small niche like gadgets or any downloadable software website. Google offers variety of solutions like Adsense, Admob and Double Click which helps publishers to earn revenue from it. 

When your application gets accepted, you get different size of ad units to display which includes text ads, display banner ads, auto responsive ads etc. You can choose any of them, learn about ad placements to increase the revenue. You will only get paid when user will click on particular ad, so you have to learn and check the user behaviour for this. So you have to monitor, place the high performing ads on pages that receive the highest traffic to increase the revenue.

Some Interesting Statistics About AdSense

Below are some of the interesting facts about AdSense program:

  • Google launched the program named content targeting advertising in 2003. 
  • The name AdSense was owned by the competitor company called Applied Semantic
  • Google acquired the company and renamed it’s advertising program to AdSense
  • As per Google, approximately $10 billion was paid out to publishers during 2015
  • Google eared $13.6 billion from AdSense in 2014 which is 22% of it’s total revenue
  • A staggering $24.1 billion of Google’s $27.77 billion revenue for Q3 2018 was from advertising – roughly a 22% increase from $19.8 billion in Q3 2017 – Source
  • 2 million publishers use AdSense on 14+ million websites

Ad Placement

You can create ad code and show ads in one of the following way:

  • Place ads on the sidebar of your site
  • Ads in-between content
  • Before and after the content
  • Place ads on the archive pages
  • Use Google custom search box and place ads on the search results pages
  • Use Auto responsive ads which will automatically display ads which fits the best location on your web page or blog posts.

Revenue is earned for each click on the advertisement (Cost Per Click) on your site and for each impression of advertisement (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).

Types of Ads

As a publisher, you are allowed to get the ad code for different formats. Below are some of the basic types of ads in AdSense.

  • Content ads having different sizes to suit the required width and height
  • Custom sized ads for publishers to create custom ads
  • Responsive ads to adjust automatically on mobile devices
  • Matched content ads for showing content recommendations
  • Native ads to show ads in feeds and between articles
  • Link unit ads showing keyword blocks
  • Page-level ads for mobile devices

Getting Started with AdSense

You need three things in order to apply for AdSense account – a Gmail id, a website and phone number and postal address.

These are minimum things to get started, though there are many other eligibility criteria based on your geographical location. For example, AdSense supports only in certain languages and the publisher should have a site with one of these primary languages.

Google also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android so that publishers can monitor their earnings on the go.

Final Words

Google has lot of potential and really cares for its users. The revenue generated from Adsense program is shared with millions of publishers and bloggers. Adsense has really changed the way people use to earn, who are really serious to make money online. We have met so many bloggers who are earning more than $1000 per month through Adsense only and are living a comfortable life. People are working very hard and Adsense program is one of the platform which gives you results for your hard work. 

Google Adsense Success Story: How We Make $13,000 Per Month from Google Adsense

Do let us know if you want to add any specific info into this topic where you have any information related to Google Adsense or you are struggling to earn money from it. Don’t forget to share ! Also if you want to share your success story with us, please don’t hesitate. We’ll be honored to publish it

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