10 Expert Tools Which Are Best To Track Keywords Rankings

///10 Expert Tools Which Are Best To Track Keywords Rankings

10 Expert Tools Which Are Best To Track Keywords Rankings

“It is said that If Content is the king, then Marketing is the Queen.” When it comes to search engine optimisation there are various strategies which needs to be implemented and measured. When things can be measured, we can check the stats and plan are further strategies accordingly. In SEO, high quality content is one the main key to rise in search engine results , choosing the right keywords and track keywords rankings which is one the most essential thing to do. To track the ranked keyword their are certain tools to check position in google search engine or any other search engine which helps you. These keyword tracking tools makes your work much easier and you can measure the implemented strategies.  

So with this the questions that arises are:

Q. Which is the best serp tracker tool?

Q. Which is the best keyword position checker?

Q. Which is the best keyword rank checker or tracker tool?

Q. Which is the best keyword ranking tool?

Q. How to check google page position?

Q. How to check SEO ranking of website?

Q. Which tools are totally free seo ranking tool?

Well if you talk about keyword tracker, page position, ranking on serp, they all have the same meaning with the same motive to track keywords rankings.

Which Tools Are Best To Track Keywords Rankings

When it comes to selecting tools to track keywords rankings it is very difficult as different people has their own reason to choose which gives them better results. But here we have gathered a list which everyone is using from a long time to track keywords rankings, got results and are very satisfied.


SEMrush is very simple to use. Using the tool’s search bar, you can ask SEMrush to rank a website or page’s Google and Bing results by providing the URL. When it comes to monitoring your search rankings, it’s at more than just on-page SEO.

For example, you get features such as position tracking, a technical SEO audit, competitive intelligence and even a backlink audit. It is also available for Enterprise customers with team-based projects. You can look at your competitor’s top keywords and view the top twenty pages ranking for specified keywords. It’ll additionally display a side-by-side comparison of up to 5 domains.

You can see what keywords are identical, as well as how other domains rank for both paid and organic searches. SEMrush has a keyword difficulty tool that shows how difficult it would be for your website to rank for that keyword. Moreover, you’ll see which products are selling the best for your competitors. With these types of insights, your website will become profitable quickly.

For Premium SHEMrush you’ll have to pay about $70 a month.


Ahrefs is best-used keyword ranking tool. You’ll be able to see what external links your competitors are using, as well as their top pages and IPs. It also provides excellent customer service and support. As a keyword-ranking tool, its top function automatically finds the keywords for your website is ranking on.

You’ll also be able to specify which country’s search engine results you want Ahrefs to analyze for your website, so you get a localized report. This is an underrated feature, as several website owners don’t quite understand that you’ll usually rank better in your country than worldwide. It offers the ability to check your rankings from any location and device.

You can also search for both your desktop and mobile rankings. If you’re busy, Ahrefs sends email reports to keep you up to date, you don’t even have to open the interface. With dozens of features, Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO research tool.

Some of the options include Mentions tracker, Domain Comparison, SEO Reports, Backlink Checker, track keywords rankings and web site explorer. In fact, Ahrefs crawls six billion web pages every day. And, you’ll get notifications of web mentions, new or lost backlinks, and updated keyword rankings.

It has a range of 4 subscription plans for its SEO suite. Rank tracker’s costing is based on the volume of tracked keywords, the update frequency, mobile ranking, and locations per website. You’ll save 2 months subscription when you choose annual billing. Its cost begin from $99/month

Moz Rank Tracker

Moz Rank Tracker is a keyword ranking software that automatically tracks down search engine rankings of all listed keywords and pages, and manages them in proper formats for later use. It supports Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and can track keywords rankings in these popular search engines. Users may check the performance of keywords, upcoming traffic from ranking keywords and can compare with competitors.

Moz Pro subscribers will track selected ranking data over time to see which efforts are making the most impact as well as schedule automated reports to stay informed on changes.

With this tool, you get an overview of keyword research metrics to assist you to make better decisions overall. You’ll additionally track both your rankings and competitors ranking. As a result, you have an insider’s view of how your website ranks for keywords relative to it of your competition.

Under one hub, you get keyword research, link-building opportunities, competitor comparisons, crawl test, and mention alerts.

You’ll be able to see your ranking on a global, national, and native scale and native means city and neighborhood. The Moz pro package can permit you to compare your results to competitors using the Moz Domain Authority tool. With their SEO tools, you’ll also be able to optimize your search engine results, compare mobile versus desktop rankings, and find any problems with your website picked up by the software’s crawlers.

There is a 30-day free trial period offer. You can also choose the Premium Moz pro package, starting from $99 to $599 per month.

Advanced Web Ranking Cloud

AWR Cloud is a web-based rank tracking service, which is capable of delivering daily, weekly, monthly and on-demand updates. It lets you customize your tracking location down to city level so you’ll retrieve the same ranking results that your clients from another country or city see in their browsers.

It also provides accurate native results, so you know how you’re ranking in specific cities. It automatically retrieves your highest competitors so that you can see how they compare in the search engine results for your selected keywords.

You can take away all references to AWR Cloud and show your own company name and logo with the white label reporting service. It means that you’ll additionally customize the look-and-feel of your reports by positioning the header, columns, and rows.

With AWR Cloud reports, you can also develop reports like competitor rankings comparison, monthly trending, and overall progress. Once you’ve created your report layouts, you’ll automatically schedule them to be delivered each week or month in PDF, HTML or CSV format. AWR Subscription plans are based on the number of keyword ranking units. (A keyword unit means that a single keyword checked in a single search engine with a search depth of five pages).

You can use the 30-day free trial or open a free account with AWR branding to explore the core features. Its cost begin from $49/month


SERPWatcher is a tool used to track keywords rankings built with a focus on effectivity and ease of use. Setup is a breeze as it only asks you for the basics:

  • What’s your domain?
  • Which keywords are you hoping to rank for?
  • Do you care about that country the search initiates from?

The best part about this tool is that it is a pack of 3 tools you can use to choose, review, and adjust your keywords for better ranking results. To start tracking keyword rankings in SERPWatcher is so simple. For every valid domain, you can choose to track at country, state or city level. It uses interactive online tracking reports instead of static PDF files. It additionally has some automatic reports and alerts that you will distribute via email. You can send a weekly report every Monday and a monthly report on the first day of every month.

There are 3 subscription plans, based on the volume of keywords. This ranges from two hundred to 1500 tracked keywords with unlimited tracked domains and daily rank updates. Its cost begin from $49/month.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is another keyword ranking tool that’s very helpful for obtaining daily rankings from search engines. This tool helps to monitor search results and rankings of your competitors. It works well for online businesses and huge SEO agencies. For large corporations, they provide an unlimited number of accounts for team members and clients.

The most significant feature is that it has the ability to track keywords on a daily basis for Google, Bing and Yahoo search page results, with an estimated search volume. You’ll also be able to track your keyword ranking on a local basis, even down to a particular space (using the zip code), and compare it to your competitors’ results. The tool additionally permits you to compare your ranking to the previous day, previous week, previous month, 3 months ago, or any other date that you specify.

It offers a free 30-day trial. Authority Labs and, a package geared toward small businesses, prices $49 a month, and their most well-liked option (the pro plan) are barely $99 a month. The pro and Enterprise plans are directed toward consultants and agencies, costing $225 and $450 respectively.

DYNO mapper

DYNO mapper is the only visual sitemap generator and keyword-tracking tool. After creating a sitemap of your website, it’ll automatically pull any keywords used in the meta of your website. You have the choice of tracking individual keywords phrases by search engine or location.

It’s completely integrated with Google Analytics, data on your internal links, content inventory and accessibility testing in one tool. You’ll be able to single out your highest ranking pages, that is crucial data for planning future posts and editing existing content, but especially when you’re planning to redesign your website. It’ll send you regular notifications on your site’s performance, with sitemap comments and daily keyword ranking.

It is available monthly or annually with the plans starting at $40 per month for 1,000 keyword phrases and unlimited domains tracked daily, per device. Each package allows for unlimited users but differs in the number of websites, pages, and keywords you can monitor.

Google Keyword Planner

Originally launched as the Google Keyword Tool and Traffic expert. The Google Keyword Planner permits you to analysis keywords and trends. If you’re still preparing content, you’ll use Google Keyword Planner to look for the keywords best suited to your business by using words or phrases relating to your website.

The results won’t only give you a suggestion list of keywords but additionally, tell you how well they rank. In addition to their current rank, It will also give you a report on how well keywords have performed over time by providing data on how usually they’re searched.

This tool is considered quite correct for Google search engine results of course, but considering that the Google Keyword Tool doesn’t cover Yahoo and Bing, you’ll miss out on a real reflection of your ranking.

It is free SEO ranking tool used to track keywords rankings. You have only signed up for a free AdWords account.

Alexa Rank Checker

With Alexa Rank Checker tool, you’ll figure out what type of traffic is visiting your webpage when it comes to using keywords. By using the most competitive analytics tools, you’ll be able to keep up with the competition. By understanding what actionable ideas you would like to work on, you’ll grow your business, which is what every business owner hopes for.

The primary step to fixing your rank is to understand where you currently stand. You need to understand where you stand in relation to your competitors. You also need to understand what they’re doing better than you, which may sometimes be tough to accept.

You’ll be able to get a report that shows you details regarding what keywords are working, and which one you’re using that require to be improved.

Start with your 7-day free trial to check what this online tool will do for you. Then try their most successful plan, which is barely $149 per month. this enables you to perform 2 audits on your website per month and unlimited features.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a downloadable rank-tracking tool. You can create up to five projects and track five hundred keywords with a free version. It operates from your computer so the search engine will temporarily block your IP address because of too many ranking requests within a short period.

It provides a few extra features that you will get free like backlink analysis, competitor research, and an on-page analysis.

Traffic Travis permits you to track your keywords and their ranking based on location, check how well each page is doing and what backlinks they’re using, research keywords, analyze your competitors and so much more. The software also will give you SEO warnings for any pages that are losing rank or not ranking well and offers sitemap support too.

It is available as a free desktop tool to track keywords rankings, but additionally offers a paid professional version with a one-time $97 payment that’s refundable for the first sixty days. If you want to, you can choose Traffic Travis professional, but the free version offers almost all of the same features anyway and if you have more than one website to manage, you’ll be able to do so.

Note: The Pricing above of tools may vary as company keeps on changing them, so do visit their websites to confirm and also let us know the same. Cheers

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